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Katherine Smith
Registered Senior Psychologist

Katherine Smith is a Senior Psychologist, registered with the Psychology Board of Australia, with over 12 years experience working with children, adults and families with a variety of needs. Katherine also has experience in various positions working within the Department of Child Protection, the Department of Corrective Services and within supported accommodation for individuals with psychiatric disabilities, adopting a rehabilitative approach.

At The Charles Street Clinic, Katherine has worked in a number of roles. Having years of experience as a Developmental and Behavioural Therapist with children with Autism Spectrum Disorders Katherine provided Case Management services for the Early Intervention Program. In this role Katherine worked closely with parents and schools promoting empowerment in parents and encouraging a collaborative approach to the social, emotional and behavioural development of her clients.

Katherine works together with children, adolescents and families as well as adults on a range of presenting difficulties including mood disorders, selective mutism and anxiety disorders. Katherine is trained in the provision of assessments for learning disability including dyslexia, as well as cognitive assessments, and assessments for ADHD.

Using evidence-based assessments, treatments and interventions, Katherine adopts principles from Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA), Functional Analysis and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).

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