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Jo Holland
Behaviour Support Practitioner 

Jo holds a Bachelor of Science with Upper Second Class Honours in psychology from the University of Kent and a Postgraduate Certificate in Behaviour Analysis from the University of North Texas. She has worked with the team at the Charles Street Clinic for the past 3 years in a number of roles including a Developmental Therapist and Case Manager with the Early Intervention Team and a  Behaviour Support  Practitioner with the clinical team. Prior to her work at the clinic, Jo worked teaching individuals with autism spectrum disorders in the UK.

Jo currently works with children and adults with disability as well as their families and carers both in their homes and their wider communities. She works closely with allied health professionals from  transdisciplinary teams to achieve the best outcomes for her clients whilst adhering to evidence based practices. Jo is a highly skilled therapist with a caring and  approachable personality and understands the challenges that individuals with mental health issues and disability face on a daily basis. 

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